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Flowering Green Tea :: An assorted flowering green tea sampler with 8 hand-tied artisan buds that will bloom in hot water truly adding the art to tea and relaxation

Petals & Blooms Herbal Tea :: Mouthwatering blend of citrus and hibiscus with a touch of rose

Big Red Robe :: A high grade single estate Oolong from Silver Needle Tea Co

African Chai :: Kenyan black tea with allspice, clove, fennel, cinnamon, licorice root, ginger, black pepper, rose petals.

Wholesome Cleanse Herbal Tea by Flying Bird Botanicals :: A refreshing blend of flowers, herbs + roots for a whole body detox that supports liver + kidney function. 6 pyramid bags.

Farm & Forest Herbal Blend :: a lush, lemony, minty by Flying Bird Botanicals. 6 pyramid bags.

Roasted Oolong :: A smooth, dark roasted & organic oolong with a sweet finish. Wuyi Mountains, China.

Single Estate Sencha :: A sophisticated and smooth single estate Sencha green tea from Silver Needle Tea Co. (out of stock)

Matcha Green Tea :: 100% Pure Organic Matcha Powder, Certified USDA and JAS, this matcha is a smooth and creamy green tea perfect for daily consumption, improved wellbeing, and stress relief

Jasmine Pearls :: Hand rolled green tea with notes of Jasmine blossoms. Made with organic ingredients.

White Hibiscus :: White tea leaves blended with hibiscus flower 

Marrakesh Mint Rooibos :: Loose herbal tea with notes of fine cut peppermint and African green rooibos by Sloane Fine Tea Merchants

Bluebird Morning Herbal Blend :: lively, caffeine-free blend of organic herbs from Flying Bird Botanicals. It’s crafted with gingko and gotu kola herbs used for thousands of years to support overall wellness, such as stress reduction and improved mental clarity.  6 pyramid bags