Organic Japanese Matcha Powder, 30g tin

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Harvested in Japan, only the highest quality shade grown tea leaves are selected to produce the Pumeli matcha green tea. Naturally sweet and subtly vegetal this matcha beautifully foams into a frothy, cup of smooth and silky tea. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives so you can enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle.


√ Organic matcha powder (30g)

√ Harvested in Japan

√ Naturally vegan

√ No artifical sweeteners

√ Packed with nutrients & antioxidants

Artisans & ImpactARTISANS & IMPACT

Our Japanese matcha green tea powder is certified organic by JONA to JAS (Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard) and USDA standards to provide the highest quality product while minimizing the impact of production on the environment. Harvested in Aichi Prefecture in Japan, our partner farm has over 150 years of experience harvesting high quality organic tea. No additives or anything artificial is added to the tea; only pure, shade-grown, first harvest tea leaves and stone ground matcha. The impact is not only less stress on the body but on the environment too.


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