Frequent Flyer Travel Kit

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Sometimes you get upgraded, sometimes you don't. For the frequent flyer points guy, this travel gift box brings all the luxuries of first class to the comfort of your coach cabin. The perfect gift for Dads, College Grads and Groomsmen.


  • Carry On Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit by W&P Design
  • All Natural Men's Lemon Calendula Soap by Formulary55. Vegan. 
  • Organic Jalapeno Spiced Fine Virginia Cocktail Peanuts
  • Hand Knit, Certified Organic Cotton Wash Cloth by Toockies
  • Mini Mango Wood Cutting Board made in India (premium box only, as shown)


Your gift is thoughtfully packaged in a small embossed gift box, including a stylish card with your personal message.

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The certified organic wash cloth is hand knit by a collective of women artisans in India and is compostable minimizing the impact of waste on the environment. All beauty items are natural, vegan & never tested on animals.

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