Matcha Tea Set

Make Better Matcha in minutes.

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Matcha Tea Set

With easy to follow whisking instructions and the right tools, making matcha is a calming ritual; a way to unplug and start each day with intention.

Matcha green tea

Each Matcha kit includes:

  • Organic Japanese Matcha Powder (30g)
  • Handcrafted tea bowl
  • Hand carved bamboo matcha whisk
  • Bamboo spoon (chashaku)
  • Stainless steel tea sifter

Our matcha set is packaged in an eco-friendly box with simple instructions to get you whisking up a frothy cup of traditional matcha in minutes.

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Harvested in Japan, only the highest quality shade grown tea leaves are selected to produce the Pumeli matcha green tea.

Japanese Matcha

The tender tea leaves are steamed to preserve the natural green color and nutrient density that we love about matcha. After steaming, the dried tea leaves are de-stemmed and de-veined to ensure the natural sweetness and aroma of the tea is maintained.

Finally, the tea is ground by stone into a fine powder using traditional Japanese methods.


One of our favorite things about matcha is its versatility. You can drink a cup of it, blend it into smoothies, top your popcorn with it, and even incorporate it into your skincare routine.

Organic matcha powder
However you choose to consume matcha, we think you'll love the healthy benefits, including:

  • Packed with antioxidants & nutrients
  • Energy boost without the jitters
  • ​Natural stress relief
  • Additive-free tea

Matcha is pure, organic deliciousness...calm, peace and joy in your day.

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