Concept: Custom Token of Thanks

Built to Last: $30

Hardwood and well-built containers are symbols in feng shui that reflect the idea of long-lasting relationships. This option features a Tillandsia air plant in assorted birch wood containers. The container is wrapped with a ribbon in the color of the brand and finished with a keepsake quote card. This option does not feature a gift box or greeting card.

Note, the quote cards with your logo on the back are an additional cost depending upon the paper selected. The recommendation is the Luxe paper with a blue seam from The cards must be purchased & shipped in quantities of 50 and this would be a pass-through cost. The nice thing is the cards could be used for other gifts as well.

Time to execute: 1-3 weeks. Timing is based on when the cards are ordered and delivered.



Votive: $13

Gold Tin: $18

In feng shui, candles are symbolic of illumination within, reputation and integrity. A branded candle label with your logo and optional coordinating pattern from our existing design stock is a fitting symbol for how you 'shine your light into the world'. Packaged in a small gift box with a navy blue ribbon, including card.