Women’s History Month: Meet the Female Founders

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As a woman owned business, we love supporting other women entrepreneurs. That’s why during Women’s History Month, our mission is to introduce you to the successful female founders we work with and know you’ll adore; makers, and artists who are blazing trails in food and beverage, beauty, wellness, home goods, pottery, design, and social enterprise.

Our approach at Pumeli is to work with artisans who align with our values and design collections with unique details. Every gift starts with a story—our relationships with the women who work with some of nature’s best ingredients and producers all over the world provide inspiration.

This month, get to know the talented women whose style, taste and fragrance you’ll discover in our curated collection. 

Noni Doig – Lavami

Yumiko Sekine – Fog Linen Work

Debbie Wei Mullin – Copper Cow Coffee

Alana Rivera – Etta & Billie

Maribel Lieberman – MarieBelle New York

Amy Rothstein – Dona Chai

Queenie Wang-Sitterson, AEnon’s

Cordelia Smith – Formulary55

Anna Bond – Rifle Paper

Jennifer Bentley – Jimani Collections

Mariella Luz – m.bueno

Scout Urling – Flying Bird Botanicals

Anna Marie Stauss - Toockies

Jaya Basu – Tookies

Temy Klevens – Seoulscrub

Joan Shifrin – Global Goods Partners

Catherine Shimony – Global Goods Partners

Amber Grinovich - Soirée Wine Jelly

Is there a female founder inspiring you right now? Do us a favor and tell us in the comments below so we can be inspired too!

Updated: March 31, 2018

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