What to Spend on Wedding Gifts

June 13, 2017

What to Spend on Wedding Gifts

When it comes to wedding season, one of the first decisions you’ll make is whether or not to attend. Having sent your acceptance, or regrets, you are now free to think about whether or not you will send a gift.

It used to be considered good etiquette to use the price-per-plate measurement for determining how much to spend on a wedding gift. This may still be true for distant friends or co-workers but modern rules suggest you should set your budget to what you think is appropriate for your relationship with the couple, while also considering what’s reasonable in your area and your personal finances.

While there’s no magic formula for determining the amount you should spend on a wedding gift, according to Tendr’s, Wedding Season Report, which breaks down average spending by state, the average gift amount varies not only by region, but by season as well.

Wedding Gift Spending

Remember this: No one should ever feel obliged to spend more than she can afford. If you are close friends or family and are financially constrained, the best gift may be a handwritten and heartfelt expression of your best wishes.

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As Seen In Brides Magazine

 As featured in Brides Magazine


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