Treat Mom to Room Service This Mother’s Day

Still looking for Mother’s Day ideas? How about in-home room service and some ‘me’ time to catch up on her reading list. All you need is a tray, some food and beverage ideas and a personalized room service card (download free!).

This idea can be implemented by kids on very short notice with just a little bit of help from Dad to print and trim the cards. You can either pre-fill the menu and let Mom choose from your sweet and savory selection, or keep it wide open and let her fill-in the blanks with whatever her heart desires.

Simply download the free room service door tags and place one on her pillow the night before Mother’s Day.

Room Service For Mom

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If you’re going freestyle with the menu, you’re definitely going to want this card on the door early in the morning so you can make a food run.

Room Service Door Tag

Don’t have a breakfast tray? Don’t be afraid to improvise. Make use of decorative baskets, large plates, platters and cutting boards. Add a touch of greenery or flowers and you’ve just created the best Mother’s Day ever!

Top tip: This idea also works in any room inside or outside. If Mom prefers lounging by the pool or sitting in a quiet room to watch a movie, she’ll love the gift of ‘me’ time.

Room Service For Mother's Day

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