Do You Love the Tropical Trend?

June 29, 2017

Do You Love the Tropical Trend?

When it comes to summertime, the everlasting tropical trend continues to be a crowd pleaser. The vibrant color palette mixed with bold and contemporary graphics brings a fun and upbeat vibe to summer celebrations.

Summer Fiesta Trend

This year, the classic tropical look is updated with a broad and vibrant color palette and watercolor tropical motifs. Fruit-infused ice and ice brewed drinks served in simple clear vessels create a rich & colorful exotic display at outdoor parties.

Gifts and décor are inspired by our growing desire to connect with nature, and feature cacti and palm-leaf prints paired with easy to care for succulents and air plants.

Candles with floral and botanical scents evoke lazy days spent relaxing in a tropical oasis, allowing you to slow down and unplug from the busyness of modern life.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate the tropical trend into your summer celebrations:

  1. Create a tropical inspired gift for birthdays or to express your appreciation of the hostess
  2. Brew your iced tea slow style with the Kouridashi-style ice brew method
  3. Infuse ice with fresh fruits, herbs and flowers
  4. Shake up a brightly colored, ice cold matcha in a clear glass infuser bottle.
  5. Serve a colorful cocktail punch like this easy hibiscus tea sangria (mocktail or cocktail) at your next gathering

Are you in love with the tropical trend? Let us know below.

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