Referral Gifts: How to stay top of mind and generate Leads

If there’s one thing we know about referral gifts it’s that they get people talking. And, as you know, word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful ways to generate more real estate leads. In fact, word of mouth marketing has been proven to improve marketing effectiveness by an incredible 54%!

While some realtors will call it a day at closing, savvy realtors understand the value of nurturing relationships for months, even years. Why? Because people refer their friends and family to people they trust. And the relationship you develop both during and after the transaction plays a big part in fostering a connection to you and your brand.

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So, what’s the best strategy when it comes to referral marketing? Here are three easy ways to deepen relationships and stay top of mind:

  1. Show Appreciation. A thoughtfully written thank you letter to buyers and sellers really goes a long way. Send one at closing and every time you receive a referral. Always include your contact information at the end of your note.
  2. Be Helpful. As a realtor, you’re inevitably connected within the community. Leverage this knowledge by helping your clients find services they need on an ongoing basis with an annual “trusted vendor list”—from lawn maintenance to plumbers. (And, thanks to the power of reciprocity, you may just find yourself on your vendor’s trusted realtor list!)
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  1. Celebrate Together. Give clients a reason to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the close of escrow with a personal gift. And remember; keep logos and promotional items to a minimum (on the packaging, not on the product).
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When it comes to real estate marketing, you have to position yourself both as an authority and a trusted friend, which means that referral gifts need to emotionally connect to the person who is receiving them. Studies have revealed that brands that create an emotional connection receive three times as much word of mouth marketing than the competition. So, pay attention to your client’s interests and take notes so that every single gift, or gesture, feels specifically tailored to them.

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