Matcha Lover's Gift Guide

November 25, 2016

Matcha Lover's Gift Guide

With its amazing health benefits, calming effects and versatility as an ingredient in beverages, beauty and baking, matcha green tea has been receiving a lot of attention lately.  At the same time, with it's roots in ancient rituals and ceremonies, matcha can be a little bit intimidating for those who want to try it for the first time. 

Our matcha sets & accessories will get anyone whisking up a frothy, creamy and instagram-worthy cup of Japanese matcha in mere minutes!

Organic Matcha Set

Organic Matcha Set

With a simple brewing guide & authentic tea tools, this starter set is the easiest way to learn how to make matcha tea. It includes everything you need to start the day with a calming tea ritual: organic matcha, bamboo whisk, scoop, sifter and bowl. 

organic matcha powder

Organic Japanese Matcha Powder

If they’re all set with the matcha tools, give them a 30-day supply of 100% pure Japanese organic matcha powder--a smooth and creamy green tea perfect for daily consumption, improved wellbeing, and stress relief.

Matcha to Go set

Matcha-to-go Kit

Just scoop, shake & sift for a frothy cup of matcha green tea. This is the perfect gift for the jetsetter, the space constrained or anyone who wants to skip the ritual and get straight to the tea.

wabi sabi matcha bowl

Wabi-sabi Matcha Bowl

This beautiful matcha bowl is crafted in the wabi-sabi style in Mino, Japan, an area known for "Mino-yaki" ceramic ware. Slightly irregular and delightfully imperfect, it's the perfect size for preparing matcha green tea at home.

Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Bamboo Matcha Whisk

A bamboo matcha whisk makes lump-free matcha tea effortless. It’s the secret ingredient to a smooth and foamy brew and they should be replaced every few months. If your matcha lover is a daily drinker it’s never a bad idea to have a replacement on hand.

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