Matcha: 3 Ways to Brew Cold Tea

June 07, 2017

Matcha: 3 Ways to Brew Cold Tea

No need to sip hot tea in the sweltering summer heat, or give up your matcha ritual until autumn. Although scientists say a hot drink will cool you down, we prefer something cool on those smothering humid days. Ice-cold matcha is a refreshing drink and it’s very simple to prepare.

Here are three ways to enjoy a matcha cold brew.

Traditional Matcha “On the Rocks”

For a mellow cold matcha, make matcha the traditional way using a bamboo whisk and hot water. Add ice cubes and enjoy a refreshing drink with a rich umami.

 matcha cold brew 

Tip: To sweeten iced matcha naturally use fruit flavored ice cubes.

Frothy Matcha Cold Brew

Add ½ - 1 tsp matcha to a drink bottle with a lid, fill halfway with cold filtered water & top with ice. Shake vigorously to suspend the matcha in water. We like to use an infuser bottle with a strainer basket, which helps to aerate the matcha and remove powder clumps. With an insulated bottle ice is not required and the result is an energizing and foamy, thirst-quenching tea.

Cold Brew Matcha

Tip: For a classic back-porch flair, use a mason jar and sip from a straw.


Classic Matcha Iced Tea

For an extra smooth flavor, sift ½ - 1 tsp of matcha powder into a bowl and blend with a small amount of hot water to create a watery paste. Add ice to your glass and pour the syrup on top. Top with filtered water and enjoy!

Making iced cold matcha is easy to do! To make it extra smooth try making a simple syrup.

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Tip: To make an Arnold Palmer, simply fill half of your glass with lemonade before adding the matcha paste and water. The sweetness of the lemonade balances the vegetal notes of the matcha for a vibrant summery beverage.

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