How To Make Matcha

March 16, 2017

How To Make Matcha

Matcha green tea has been trending for awhile now among foodies, fitness buffs, and wellness warriors, and for several good reasons. It’s nutrient dense, packed with antioxidants, and boosts your metabolism, making it easier to burn fat and lose weight too. In addition to the numerous matcha tea health benefits, many have started drinking matcha for stress relief, relaxing the body and calming the mind—like Zen monks have done for centuries.

From hot tea to iced tea, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a round up of different matcha preparation techniques that show you how to make matcha tea taste good from your very first cup.

How to Make Traditional Matcha

With a matcha tea set, you’ll look forward to making matcha part of your daily routine. The hand carved bamboo whisk is a beautiful, functional tool for making a delicious and frothy cup of matcha green tea. Plus, a matcha whisk is fun to use.

How to make matcha

Although it’s not quite the ancient Japanese tea ceremony, or a power monk meditation session, the act of preparing your own cup of matcha tea can inspire you to pause and practice mindfulness for a few moments each day. By immersing yourself in the act of preparing the tea and achieving the desired consistency, you can slow down, unplug and let go of the day’s stress while you stay in the flow of the present moment.

One of the best things about making matcha is only a few basic tools are required, making it easy to make matcha at home, at the office or on vacation. In addition to the green tea powder all you need is a sifter, whisk, cup and measuring scoop. Even better? There are tools designed specifically for matcha making it incredibly easy to enjoy a frothy cup of tea. And, almost all of the matcha tools can be improvised for those times when you don’t have the gear within arms reach.

How to Make Matcha Tea Without A Whisk

If you’re an occasional matcha drinker, or just starting out, you may be wondering, “Do I really need a bamboo matcha whisk to make matcha green tea?” For those who want to try matcha without a heavy investment in the traditional ceremonial tools, at the very least, to see if you even like it, here are three ways to make matcha using ordinary kitchen tools.

How to Make Iced Matcha Tea

Making iced cold matcha is easy to do! To make it extra smooth try making a simple syrup.




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