How to make every meal green on St Patrick’s Day

March 15, 2017

How to make every meal green on St Patrick’s Day

photo & styling by luki o’keefe & kambria allen 

Skip the food coloring and discover how easy it is to eat, drink and be merry with all naturally green food ingredients this St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, healthy snacks or a little something to imbibe after work, we have a vibrant green recipe made from regular ingredients found in your pantry, or in the whole foods aisle of your local grocery store.

Breakfast: Matcha Smoothie

A satisfying breakfast on the go or a delicious mid-day snack, a matcha smoothie is an amazingly fast & healthy option to keep those hunger cravings at bay. Packed with more antioxidants than spinach, goji berries and dark chocolate, this superfood smoothie will help you jumpstart your day.

Lunch: Strawberry & Matcha Smoothie Bowl

We know, you just had a smoothie for breakfast. But this one is different, trust us. It’s a smoothie bowl and it’s packed with a protein punch. Smoothie bowls are the latest craze because they’re nutrient dense, can be eaten with a spoon and they lend themselves to a sit down a meal. Our friends over at Crafted Bowls have outdone themselves with frozen banana, strawberry, peaches, coconut, and green bars topped with organic matcha. While not entirely green, we still think it’s a festive nod to the ole’ leprechaun.

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Snack: Macha & Sea Salt Popcorn

Treat yourself with a salty, savory and low calorie treat. This green delight is easily made with just three ingredients.

Dinner: Spinach & Kale Dal

We’re big fans of one-pot meals around here and at least once a week a simple lentil dal shows up on the menu. It’s an incredibly tasty Indian dish made with lentils, onion, garlic, turmeric, tomatoes and cilantro and only takes about 10 minutes to throw together.

Our friends at Shaping Your Heatlh came up with the brilliant idea to add 2 cups of spinach and kale with garlic olive oil and voila. Not only is it an added boost of flavor and nutrients, it’s a dal with a colorful and vibrant twist!


Drink: Matcha Green Beer

Break out the pub glasses for this one. This foamy green ale is the perfect mixer for your St. Patrick’s Day party. And the best part is it’s made with all natural ingredients too.

Matcha Beer

photo & styling by luki o’keefe & kambria allen 

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