How To Create the Best New Employee Welcome Kit

For many new hires, the first week on the job can feel like drinking from the firehose.

Learning all about company policies, meeting new people, and not to mention finding the way back to their desk. It can be a little overwhelming and exhausting.

Recent studies show that the first few days of onboarding are critical for new hires. Do it well, and they’ll be successful. Miss something, and they’ll likely miss the bar as an employee.

If you have a new employee starting, one of the most thoughtful ways to introduce them to your company culture is a new employee welcome kit.

Not only will this make the new hire feel immediately valued, but it’s a great way to break the ice and relieve any first day jitters.

And, let’s not forget, helping new employees feel welcome and appreciated is relatively easy but it has a huge impact on your business and its reputation.

Want to start creating a better experience for new employees? Here are some ideas for your welcome kit!

Best New Employee Welcome Kit

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New Employee Welcome Letter

The first thing that you should include in your new employee welcome kit is a welcome letter.

This letter will set the tone for your company and will make sure any items you include in your kit are well-received.

For tips on how to write that letter, check out our guide on how to write an employee welcome letter.

Useful Items

Company culture book for employee welcome kit

Fill your new employee welcome kit with gifts that will ease their transition during the first few days in the office.

Items that they’ll need at the office, like a planner notebook for all of their newbie questions, or a coffee mug to encourage them to get up from their desk and meet people, are practical and thoughtful.

If your business has items for sale, you could use your kit as an opportunity to give gift cards for new employees to pick something out from the company store.

If there’s a cool cafe, or coffee shop next to your office, a gift card would be a nice gesture as well. And, don’t forget, the new employee welcome kit is a great place to include any books or content on your company’s culture.

Convey Your Brand Personality

Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

In addition to practical gifts that can be immediately used, you should also include gifts that are designed to last.

Pens and binders are fine, but you might offer other items that convey your company’s personality. Think hardy plant, tech cord organizer, or fun figurine for their desk.

These are items that the employee can have for a long time and should help them feel right at home.

Putting it all together

When creating your new employee welcome kit it is important to make sure it looks nice. The packaging and presentation says a lot about your brand, so don’t neglect it!

Sometimes the only difference between “stuff” and a “gift” is the way you put it together. So, take your time, consider enlisting the help of professionals. And don’t forget to consult your marketing team to make sure it’s “on brand”!

Above all, make sure the gift you give feels personal, which means you should give it to the new employee yourself!

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