How to Create A Fall Hygge Gift Box

As the temperature outside begins to fall and the light dims earlier in the day, we turn our attention inside for resting and nesting.

Fall is the perfect season to embrace hygge—that feeling of coziness we feel when we unplug from the frenzy of modern daily life to spend time with loved ones.

If you’ve been invited to at a party in someone’s home, it’s the perfect occasion to bring a housewarming gift or hostess gift as token of appreciation.

Here are some easy and creative tips to curate your own hygge gift box for fall.

How to make a hygge gift box

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Begin by collecting inspiration for your gift box—elements that capture the essence, mood or theme of the gift.

Because hygge is about savoring simple pleasures, our inspiration for this box is pine cones and acorns. We’re inspired by the tactility, organic, irregular shapes and earthy colors found in nature.

Hygge gift box inspiration


The first item we select is for texture.

A handloom woven kitchen towel offers a natural texture and brings a soft and cozy handmade touch to the home.

Hygge gift box earthy color


Next, we layer in organic pattern and color with muted, earth-tone coasters handmade from marble.

Cozy Candle

Add a touch of cozy

Building upon color, we incorporate scent to stimulate the senses with a green orange & oak moss guest bar.

Of course, no hygge gift box is complete without a candle; it’s the easiest way to create a warm and cozy ambience.

Here you may choose to select a candle with autumnal notes (or not). It’s up to you.

Copper Accents

Tie it all together

To complete the look, we think of the changing colors of autumn leaves and top it off with a copper cheese knives set.

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Hygge Gift Box for Fall


The packaging of the gift is a wonderful way to set the tone for what’s inside.

Pairing the gift with a gift box brings a sophisticated and contemporary look while a handmade basket adds an organic and handcrafted feel.

When choosing a container for your gift, decide whether you want it to be part of the overall gift, to act as a keepsake or both.

Hygge Gift Basket

One other consideration when choosing packaging is how the gift will be delivered. If you are shipping a gift after the party, a box may be easier to wrap and hold the items in place for delivery.

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Last updated: November 12, 2020


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