Gifts for Sleep Lovers

This gifting season; indulge your sleeping beauty with tranquil gifts. Featuring relaxing aromas and serene design, here are 8 luxurious holiday gifts that deliver a great night’s sleep.

Holiday Gifts for Sleep Lovers & Insomniacs

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Lavender Pillow SprayCrafted with lavender essential oil, mist on pillows and linens to promote a peaceful slumber. $15

Pure Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood essential oils are a natural and delightful way to support a peaceful and restful sleep. These premium essential oils from Vitruvi are 100% pure. $18

Japanese Cypress Scent Diffuser:This handmade essential oil diffuser is a beautiful and minimal accessory for bringing scent into the home or office. Crafted from the Hinoki tree, this natural diffuser requires no electricity or batteries and includes a discreet storage space for your essential oil bottle. $40

Lavender Bath Salts: Handmade with fine ingredients and essential oils for a soothing and relaxing bath before bedtime: Dead Sea salt and lavender buds, flower petals and essential oil. $18

Chamomile Herbal Tea: Soothing and sweet, this organically grown Chamomile is free of caffeine and full of smooth flavor. Package in a decorative glass jar and create your own DIY tea blend. $17

“Pause” Mug: This delightful dimpled ceramic mug will warm your hands and the inscription, “Pause”, will serve as a reminder to slow down and unwind from a hectic day. $15

Tonka Noir Glass Candle: This luxuriously thick glass creates a soothing ambience with its luminous obmre effect and blend of smoky Madagascar vanilla with sandalwood, known for promoting calm and relaxation. $45

Silk Eye PillowThis flaxseed and lavender eye pillow is perfectly weighted for gentle relaxation. Use for meditation or yoga before bedtime.  $15


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