Gift Guide for Chocolate Lovers

November 24, 2017

Gift Guide for Chocolate Lovers

From whipped chocolate to drinking chocolate find the perfect chocolate gift for pretty much anyone on your list!

 Chocolate Lover's Gift Guide

Espresso Chocolate Bar: Rich 70% single-origin Honduran Trinitario cacao with a touch of espresso will indulge even the most serious chocoholic. Available in the Create a Gift builder

Chocolate Cabernet Jelly: A full-bodied handmade jelly blend of creamy, rich chocolate with notes of strawberry from the Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes. The perfect spread for toast, croissants and cheese plate. Available in the Create a Gift builder . $10

Spicy Hot Chocolate: Thick and decadent South American single-origin pure chocolate with a warming mix of chipotle ancho chili, cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s the perfect way to stay warm on a cold winter’s day. Featured in our Let's Do Brunch Gift Box.

Chocolate Granola: Elevate their granola game with English farmhouse granola blended with 70% chocolate. Available in our Create a Gift builder. $15

Dark Roasted Mocha Caramels: Luscious dark chocolate blended with freshly ground organic coffee, these slow-cooked caramels are a sweet rush of energy. Available in our Create A Gift Builder and featured in the Love Story Gift Box.

Whipped Chocolate Honey: Containing just two ingredients, 100% pure honey and organic cocoa powder, this crystallized honey is a delicious, natural, and gluten free treat. Available in the Create a Gift builder. $8

Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt Bar: Crafted from high quality, single-origin 38% cacao and natural sea salt, this delicious chocolate bar is a sweet indulgence for any chocolate lover. Available in the Create A Gift builder and featured in the Make A Wish Gift Box.

 Ready to design your own Chocolate Lover’s box? Visit our Create a Gift builder to get started.

Updated: January 23, 2018

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