Back to School Gift Guide: 13 Essentials to Promote Healthy Habits (for college kids & parents)

August 08, 2016

Back to School Gift Guide: 13 Essentials to Promote Healthy Habits (for college kids & parents)

Let’s face it; going to college is a significant transition for students and parents alike that offers joy, excitement and opportunities for personal growth. And at the same time can evoke stress and separation anxiety.

One of the best ways to stay grounded during a barrage of change is to establish a daily self-care ritual—activities that keep you calm, organized and help you settle into a new normal. A ritual is a routine with intention that helps you focus on you and sets the tone for the day. Over time, this self-care routine can lead to healthy habits to boost your mood, happiness and your general outlook on life.

Creating a daily ritual is easy. The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple. Don’t try a whole new self-care routine all at once. Focus on just one new habit at a time to give yourself the best chance for success.

Ready? Here are 13 gift ideas to help create healthy habits and back to school routines for stress free living.

  1. Happiness Planner. Commit to fill each day with optimism by setting goals on paper. The Happiness Planner is designed to help you reflect on the positivity, joy, and passion in your life. By applying the practices of mindfulness, positive thinking and gratitude on a daily basis you’ll learn to stay focused on things that truly matter. The best part is the planner is undated so you can start it anytime.
  1. Portable, BPA-Free Tea Infuser. Whether you’re driving the kids between school and soccer practice or running around campus from class to class, staying hydrated helps boost your energy. An all-in-one tea capsule gets you quickly get on your way with a flavorful & calorie-free way to stay refreshed all day.
  1. Organic Matcha Set. Discover an oasis of calm with a daily tea ritual. The high concentration of L-theanine, a natural amino acid found in matcha green tea helps ease the mind and relax the body while enhancing alertness; one of the reasons it's been used for centuries by Buddhist monks as a meditative aid, and makes the perfect coffee replacement for afternoon studying.
  1. Bamboo Matcha Whisk. With a bamboo whisk, making matcha adds a bit of Zen to your day. You’ll feel comforted and connected knowing that the simple act of gently frothing a creamy cup of tea has been performed for thousands of years by millions of people and will continue to be done for centuries to come.
  1. Wabi-Sabi Matcha Bowl. Wabi-sabi is a philosophy that reminds us to embrace imperfection and find beauty in nature. This Japanese tea bowl is slightly irregular and will bring joy to your daily tea ritual. It’s also large enough to double as a bowl for noodles, so go ahead and pack some ramen with it… your student will thank you later.
  1. Gift that Gives Back. Let the soft touch journal featuring original watercolor inspire your inner artist while supporting scholarships for young women. For a new twist on the gratitude journal, take 5 minutes in the middle of the day to jot down a short list of beauty around you. Choosing to see beauty is a simple, creative act that can help add joy and positivity to your day.
  1. Digital Detox. Most of us these days are far too connected. Even when we "take a break", it's often to post a photo to Instagram or share a story on Snapchat. Give yourself or someone you love a reminder to unplug, unwind and stay connected to the physical world with analogue devices.
  1. Tea is always a good idea. So often when we’re busy and stressed we eat and drink without thinking, and no more so than in college during late night cramming sessions for that important test. Mindful eating helps us slow down and restore the body-mind connection and there’s no better way to do that than with a soothing cup of tea.
  1. Marrakesh Mint Rooibos. Mint contains an impressive amount of Vitamin A and is well recognized for it’s soothing properties. This hand blended herbal tea with notes of fine cut peppermint and African green rooibos will encourage you to practice deep breathing while you enjoy the refreshing aroma with each inhale.
  1. Royal Apothic Hand Creme. A luxurious hand cream with fragrant notes of orange, magnolia, geranium, and bay rose will transport you to a peaceful garden wherever you are.
  1. Gratitude Journal. Deadlines at school and in life can weigh on you, keeping you from falling asleep and leaving you irritable and sluggish the next day. Reduce stress and anxiety by taking a few minutes at the end of each day to unplug and write down your reflections, taking note of the people and things you are most grateful for.
  1. Home Spa Day. A soothing blend of essential oils is designed to relax and renew. Sit back, breathe deeply and allow the tension to melt away.
  1. Adult Coloring Book & Flowering Tea Set. Discover how adult coloring books can help you practice mindfulness meditation. By immersing yourself in a creative activity, you can unplug, unwind and let go of the day’s stress while being fully engaged and present in the current moment.

Self-care is an important part of living a healthy, happy life. As Audre Lorde said, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.” What are your favorite back to school routines? Share them below.


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