Be Like A Tree | November Art of Relaxation Box

November 09, 2015

Be Like A Tree | November Art of Relaxation Box

Be Like A Tree Box

The theme for this month’s care package was trees—one of nature’s great teachers of mindful living. Trees inspire us to stay grounded, adapt gracefully to the present moment, continuously renew ourselves, and take time to rest.

This month we took a mini journey through Africa to celebrate the life of trees.

Aduna Baobab Powder

Prepare yourself for a beautiful renewal with a revitalizing facemask or sprinkle this superfood on your morning cereal. The African baobab tree, known as ‘The Tree of Life’, provides 100% organic fruit that dries naturally on its branches. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants so you can feel good inside and out. Aduna baobab fruit powder is sustainably harvested in Senegal and Ghana in partnership with several women’s co-ops.  For more recipes and to learn about the health benefits of baobab,visit the Aduna website.

Mud Cloth Notebook

Hand woven in Mali, traditional mud cloth is treated in baths of leaves and branches from trees to act as a mordant. Artisans hand-dye patterns onto the cloth using mud mixed with tea or water in order to share village stories and African proverbs. Paper is 100% recycled Kraft.

JusTea African Chai

JusTea is farm direct tea from Kenya. Each sip directly supports small-scale tea farming families. Experience the grounding benefits of tea made with a unique bouquet of 100% natural ingredients from trees, plants, fruits and flowers. Different from Masala Chai, this spiced tea is blended with black tea, cinnamon, allspice, rose petals and more.

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Hand Carved Tea Spoon

JusTea has a direct-trade relationship with Central province village carvers in Kenya. These beautiful handcrafted teaspoons are carved from olive wood  and adorned with colorful beads. Creating the spoons provides sustainable jobs to village carvers.

Hand Sewn Bags

These bright and colorful gift bags are hand sewn with traditional east African fabric. Working with Acacia Creations, a fair-trade organization, the bags were made especially for this month’s Art of Relaxation subscription box. Creating the bags provides sustainable jobs for artisans like Annah from Kenya, who is the primary provider for her family.

Jacaranda Wood Ornament

This exquisitely hand carved ornament captures in detail the elegance and grace of giraffes. Hand painted and carved by fair-trade artisans in Kenya. Acacia Creations donates 10% of each purchase to animal conservation.

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