How to Travel with Tea

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With the winter holiday season comes some of the busiest and most stressful travel times of the year. What could be more soothing than a warm cup of tea to put some joy back into the season? After a busy day traveling, visiting friends and family, shopping and checking out sights, you will need some relaxation and downtime to ease into the holiday spirit. And just when you thought the only way you could enjoy a heavenly cup of goodness was using your conventional tea brewing equipment at home, here are a five tips on how to travel with your favorite tea.

Tea packing tips

Choose different leaves that fit in small bags or containers that you can easily tuck away. Choose black tea blends and Assams which are known to brew perfectly no matter what type of water you use. Pack your leaves inside resealable plastic containers or zip lock bags. This method keeps your tea fresh no matter how long you travel.

Another option is pure Matcha green tea single serve packets. This is authentic ceremonial Matcha packaged conveniently for on-the-go tea drinking. You can drink it hot or even cold simply by shaking the tea with water.

how to travel with tea

Brewing tea on the road

Your traveling tea kettle

Look for a handy plastic kettle that has an automatic shut-off feature. One that is small and light enough to carry anywhere and is also easy to clean. You can find these kettles in most tea accessories shops online.

Brewing with a thermos

A perfect brew as you go mug is a sleek spill-proof tea infuser tumbler that you can bring anywhere without making a mess. Ideally it should have a removable tea infuser and a chamber in the cap to where you can hide extra tea or sugar.

Perfect tea brewing times and temperatures

Getting good water at the right temperature is probably the trickiest part about traveling with tea. The easiest method is to get water from a restaurant and put it in your travel mug. Another option is to carry along a portable water heater coil. You can find coils online for under $10 and they’re small enough to tuck into your suitcase.

Whatever you do, avoid heating your water in the microwave. As we mentioned in our tea brewing guide, a general rule for the perfect brew is to steep for a minute and then take a sip every 30 seconds until its just the way you like it.

Discovering great places where locals go

While you are at it, why not check out local places where people stop for tea? Ask around. Sample a few brews and be sure to take home a few packets. Most tea shops also offer snacks and a dessert so take a few minutes sampling these as well.

Tea is meant to be savored. Don’t forget to take your tea with you so you can make time for relaxation and renewal while you travel. Visit the Pumeli tea shop for your travel tea essentials.

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