5 Spring Employee Appreciation Ideas

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Did you know that a recent survey suggests that 40% of all employees would work harder if they were simply recognized for their efforts? We all know that being valued and valuing employees is important for building a positive company culture, yet, in a study from Harvard Business Review, it’s revealed that less than 20% of employees feel valued.  

When employees feel recognized and appreciated, not only are they more engaged in their work, but they are also more productive, are happier, and are much more likely to stick around. So, if your company is wanting to improve its business performance and profitability, employee appreciation is a smart place to start.

Happiness Inspires Productivity

Of course, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to making employees feel valued. Businesses need to consider the various types of personalities, experience levels, and cultural backgrounds in order to create an employee appreciation program that feels genuine and is well-received.

Sometimes it’s actually the small, simple gestures that are personalized to employees that have the biggest impact.

Here are five simple ideas for stepping up your employee appreciation game this spring.

employee thank you note

Employee Thank You Notes

We live in a digital age, which means anything written on paper can feel very meaningful. When your employee does a great job, consider sending a handwritten thank you note to express your gratitude. This small, cost-effective gesture can go a long way!.

Forty-percent of all employees would work harder if they were simply recognized for their efforts #employeeappreciation 


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A Work From Home Day

Thanks to technology, many jobs can actually be done quite easily (and well) from home. Allowing an outstanding employee to work from home occasionally is a great way to show your appreciation while giving them something they’ll really enjoy. 

coffee lovers gift box

Personalized Gifts

Let’s get one thing straight, gifts that are covered in your company logo rarely (if ever) feel personalized. A personalized gift should be something your employee will actually love, which means it needs to be tailored to their interests, personality, and style. If you don’t know what your employee would like, it’s a great reason to start up a conversation and learn!

Free Time

A lot of the time, your highest performing employees have a hard time making time for them. In order to take care of them, giving them free time, or even a day off, is more than just a nice gesture - it can mean everything to that hard working employee. You can also gift them with more free time by offering a gift card that covers a task at home, like cleaning their house or mowing their lawn. 

food truck party

An Office Party

In order to make an office party that your employees really enjoy, be sure to do something different than the typical “there’s donuts in the breakroom” email. Consider hiring a coffee truck for the morning or hiring a local artisan to come teach a class about how to make something. It’s a great way to say “thank you” and get the whole team motivated. 

Bonus Tip: Have your sales team ask your clients or vendors to sponsor the events, particularly for large projects that benefit them. It’s a great way to keep them top of mind with your team and help offset cost. 

Remember that treating your employees doesn’t have to be elaborate.  The best way to show your employees that you appreciate them is simply by expressing gratitude and getting to know them. The more frequent and natural these small gestures can be, the more valued all of your employees will feel.

 employee appreciation days

Spring 2018 Employee Appreciation Days:

National High Five Day – April 19

Administrative Professionals Day – April 25

Executive Coaching Day – May 1

Teacher Appreciation Day – May 8

School Nurse Day – May 9

National Nurses Day – May 9

International Virtual Assistants Day – May 18

National Healthcare Recruiters Day – June 5

Nurse Assistants Day – June 10

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