5 Essentials for a Stress Free Monday

July 18, 2016

5 Essentials for a Stress Free Monday

Stress Relief Essentials

Set the tone for a positive and stress-free day with 5 simple things you can do from practicing gratitude to creating your own calming tea ritual.

// FRESH FLOWERS // Color can have a positive impact on your mood. Purples and blues, for example, offer a sense of peace and calm. Gather a small posy so you can literally stop and smell the flowers, whenever you feel a little bit of tension creeping in.

// ORGANIC MATCHA // Add a feeling of zen to your day with a calming tea ritual. The high concentration of L-theanine, a natural amino acid found in matcha green tea helps ease the mind and relax the body while enhancing alertness; one of the reasons it's been used for centuries by Buddhist monks as a meditative aid.

// PAPER JOURNAL // Deadlines and decisions at work and in life can weigh on you, keeping you from falling asleep and leaving you irritable and sluggish the next day. Reduce stress and anxiety by taking a few minutes at the end of each day to unplug and write down your reflections, taking note of the people and things you are most grateful for. This simple but mindful act of writing down your thoughts in a notebook puts your mind at ease and helps end the day on a positive note.

// GLASS TRAVEL TUMBLER // Staying hydrated helps boost your energy. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you need an afternoon caffeine pick me up without the jittery crash of coffee, try a matcha cold brew. Simply add matcha powder to fresh water in a tea infuser bottle, shake vigorously and enjoy.

// BEAUTIFUL BAG // Staying organized can increase productivity and reduce stress. And a beautiful bag is a delightful way to keep your relaxing essentials where & when you need them!


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