Fruit Infused Matcha Green Tea Pops (vegan)

May 27, 2016

Fruit Infused Matcha Green Tea Pops (vegan)

These chilly matcha pops are the perfect treat for a long summery weekend. Refreshing green tea popsicles can be made in minutes with just a few ingredients and your imagination!



1 tsp Matcha powder

⅔ c Coconut milk

2-3 tsp Agave

4 Popsicle molds, or if you need to improvise, a paper cup and a wooden stick will do the trick.


First heat the berries over low heat for a few minutes and mash them gently to extract some of the juice. Remove from heat and set aside. Then whisk 1 tsp of matcha with ⅔ c of coconut milk (full fat will give you a creamier pop) and 2-3 tsp agave in a bowl.

Divide half of the mashed berries evenly in your molds and pour some of the matcha mixture on top of the berries. Add the rest of the berries to the green tea treats and top them off with the remaining matcha mixture.

Swirl the popsicle stick around to create a marble effect, and then pop them into the freezer to firm up.

Allow the popsicles to freeze for a few hours and enjoy!

Looking for more ways to enjoy matcha green tea? Check out our Quick & Yummy Matcha Smoothie recipe.


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