Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 27, 2016

5 Gifts to help mom relax and unwind for $50 or less. 

 Tea Infuser Bottle

1.  Portable Tea Gift Set

The easiest way to steep and enjoy your tea on the go. Includes 1 oz tea.


Herbal Tea Gift Set


2. Herbal Tea Gift Set

Two types of lively caffeine free teas paired with a Japanese tea strainer.


Furoshiki Tea bundles

3. Furoshiki Tea Bundles

Delicious teas wrapped in a fair-trade furoshiki cloth that doubles as a scarf.

Matcha Green Tea Whisk Set

4. Matcha Whisk Set

Essential 3-piece matcha utensil set to make matcha green tea at home.


Tea & Cup Set


5. Heavenly Cream Tea Set

Velvety long leaf blend of black tea & bergamot paired with ceramic cup & tea strainer.

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