Color | December Art of Relaxation Box

December 15, 2015

Color | December Art of Relaxation Box

Color Box

The theme for this month’s care package was Color. Color can have a profound effect on well-being. Cool hues tend to soothe and encourage relaxation. While warm colors can spark feelings of happiness, energy and joy.

Secret Garden Coloring Postcards & Mini Color Pencils

A creative activity is an enjoyable way to unwind and let go of the day’s stress. The best part is you can detach the postcards and share your final work of art alongside a handwritten note or send a blank card and share the joy of coloring with a friend.

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Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Handmade in the USA by Baja Zen with premium flaxseed and naturally healing French lavender. This colorful eye pillow is covered in hand-dyed linen with a silk backing for the ultimate indulgence.

Ayurvedic Soap

An healthy way to start your daily routine is with the energizing scents of handmade, fair-trade Ayurveda herbal soap. The soap is made only from plant-based ingredients and is free of detergents and phosphates. Beautifully wrapped in block-printed fabric.

Raspberry Rose Petal Herbal Tea

A a soothing cup of caffeine-free tea to be enjoyed day or night, hot or cold. This is a colorful, mouthwatering blend of citrus and hibiscus with a touch of rose. Hibiscus is known to have many wonderful health benefits due to its high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C promoting wellness inside and out.

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Subscribers also received a music download of peaceful sounds including flute, harp and rain stick.

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