How to De-Stress with a Daily Tea Ritual

March 06, 2016

How to De-Stress with a Daily Tea Ritual | Afternoon Tea Gift Set

Drinking tea is a simple yet pleasurable experience that brings peace and joy to your day.  Enhance your tea experience by practicing simple, yet calming, mindful moments with your favorite cup of tea. Being mindful is simply a way of slowing down, being present in the moment, and savoring life. 

Next time you make a cup of tea, try preparing and drinking it thoughtfully and observe the impact the experience has on your day.


As you heat some water in the kettle, gather a few tea leaves in your hands and enjoy the textures and color. Using your favorite tea spoon, scoop the tea into an infuser and place it in your cup.  Take a moment to study the design of the spoon by keeping your awareness on the texture and patterns.


While you wait for the tea to infuse, take a few deep, relaxing breaths. Enjoy the natural aromas of the tea with each inhale.


Find a comfortable place to sit where you can relax for a few moments.  As you prepare to drink your tea, notice the warmth of the cup in your hands. Feel the soothing sensation as the tea touches your lips and fills your body with warmth with your first sip. Simply drink and enjoy without the distraction of your digital devices.

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